About KneeCare – Specialised Biodex Testing of the Knee and Hip, and Expert Treatment


KneeCare was conceived and initially developed as a physiotherapeutic service for people with knee osteoarthritis. KneeCare has since progressed and now covers all aspects of lower limb injury. We are now able to provide very specific, measured best practice and effective care to anyone with a knee or lower limb injury or pathology. KneeCare services sit separately albeit alongside general physiotherapy services in New Zealand.

We identified early on in the development of KneeCare that both our medical colleagues and prospective clients wanted to work with people that they trusted, and who were experts in their respective fields. Our therapists are all Masters or Post Graduate qualified with focus on Knee OA, Achilles Tendon and other lower limb pathologies. We felt that although New Zealand and Australian rehabilitation services were generally very good, we needed to give due credit to the unique requirements and challenges related to the lower limb and knee. 

In our opinion, and research supports these views, many of the injuries and clients we dealt with had been sub-optimally rehabilitated and people seemed to accept this. Moreover, as a consequence many were destined to suffer from significant and long-term health issues, without being offered any genuine options or choices.

We are most excited by the next chapter in the development in KneeCare, which will ensure our services are truly best practice and world leading. We are now working closely with two of Australia’s most respected, and published academics, Professor Kim Bennell and Associate Professor Rana Hinman. Their interest and expertise is focused on the conservative treatment of lower limb conditions, particularly hip and knee osteoarthritis. They bring a wealth of knowledge and provide a great platform for our educational sessions and conferences we run for KneeCare providers. KneeCare will continue working towards providing a research platform for its providers primarily through Auckland University of Technology and its Masters program. This year we have two separate projects underway and expect several more in the coming years. This commitment ensures our processes and outcomes are validated and published whilst we simultaneously provide a teaching and learning facility.


Geoff Potts

Director and Physiotherapist

MHSc, PGD Sports Physio, PGHCert Western Acup. Member of NZSP

Geoff is one of New Zealand’s most experienced physiotherapists. He has several post graduate qualifications including a Masters degree investigating the function of the calf muscles whilst rehabilitating Achilles tendon injuries.

Geoff Potts has surrounded himself with experts in the field of lower limb research, orthopaedics, nutrition and rehabilitation to offer the most comprehensive and integrated service possible. He leads by example and has published research investigating Achilles tendon pain and rehab (Johnson et al 2008), and recently physiotherapy management of knee and hip osteoarthritis (Reid, Potts et al 2014).

Geoff's interests have always been grounded in sports performance and exercise physiology, and he was fortunate enough to work and travel with professional sports teams for several years. These experiences combined with a commitment to research and development has meant that we always keep abreast of the most up-to-date techniques and research in our field. We are so serious about advancing standards that we have research and development positions within our clinics. This type of commitment is unique within private practice, and is the cornerstone of our service and innovation.

Geoff is currently working on his doctorate which is focused on improving the clinical service customers with lower limb conditions receive, and providing a specialisation pathway for clinicians to ensure standards and care are world first.


Brydie Harris

Clinical Manager and Physiotherapist

MHSc (first Class Honours), PGD, Musculoskeltal Physiotherapy, Member NZSP, Member NZMPA

Brydie Harris is a senior physiotherapist with over 10 years of experience in the musculoskeletal field. With this she is able to provide a wealth of knowledge and skill in the diagnosis and treatment of lower limb injuries.

She has completed a Masters degree investigating the relationship between cardiovascular fitness and knee osteoarthritis which is awaiting publication in a leading physiotherapy journal. This was a joint venture between AUT University and North Shore Hospital which allowed Brydie to form strong connections within the physiotherapy industry. Brydie is an attentive therapist who can easily balance a busy workload with family commitments. She provides excellent patient centred care and is an essential member of the KneeCare team.


Josh Ferguson



Josh is originally from Dunedin and has a passion for sports medicine with a particular focus on Rugby. Prior to gaining his Physiotherapy qualification, Josh completed a Physical Education degree which makes him especially skilled and knowledgeable with exercise based rehab.

Josh has become a vital member of the team after two successive North Harbour Rugby premier championships during 2017 and 2018. He is also the team physio for North Harbour Rugby U19s, and supports the ITM Cup team.

Josh is able to offer Biodex testing, which is used to rehab and predict outcomes for knee recovery, particularly with ACL injures. Josh is working alongside Company Director, Geoff Potts, whilst he completes his PhD.

Josh is currently completing his Post-Graduate Degree at AUT. 


Dylan Smith


BHSc (Physio) 

Dylan graduated from AUT University in 2015 and started working with Geoff Potts and his team.  In 2017, Dylan took a 2-year hiatus from clinic-based practice and moved to Europe to play Water Polo.  There he played in the top leagues in the world and he also was the team physiotherapist. On returning to New Zealand, Dylan joins the KneeCare team, preparing to start post-graduate studies in 2020.

From his high-performance sporting experiences, Dylan has an interest in sporting injuries and exercised-based rehabilitation.

Dylan can offer Biodex testing, which is vital in KneeCare’s data collection and 'Return to Sport' testing.  Dylan is also working for New Zealand Water Polo as their team’s physiotherapist, while continuing to play. 

Dylan is currently completing his Post-Graduate Degree at AUT. 


Shannon Johnston


BHSc (Physio) 

Shannon graduated from AUT University with a Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy in 2015. After graduating, Shannon spent the next three and half years working with Geoff Potts and his team. For the last year Shannon has been living and working for private musculoskeletal clinic in London alongside their team of Sports Physicians and Surgeons.

In conjunction to her work in the clinic, Shannon has worked with numerous sports teams including Netball North Harbour representative teams and Premier Club Rugby teams. She is currently the team physiotherapist for North Shore Rugby Club.

Shannon is trained in Biodex testing which is useful for both treatment and assessment for knee injuries. This gives us comprehensive data to make decisions about rehab and return to sport following injury.


Rebekah Alvey


Rebekah is our friendly and efficient administrator who is here to help you.  She can assist you in making appointments, completing paperwork, managing/taking payments, act as a liaison between you and your physiotherapist, and more! 

She has been working with Geoff Potts since her final year of High School in 2015.  

Rebekah loves anything and everything relating to the ocean and can be found Scuba diving or exploring Auckland's beaches with friends in her spare time.  She also has a passion for dancing, and can often be found lost in a good book.