Achilles tendon pain

Specialised treatment for Achilles Tendonitis Pain on the North Shore, Auckland

Achilles tendon pain is a debilitating and persistent condition affecting many in the community. Achilles tendon pain can occur for various reasons ranging from overtraining to limited ankle flexibility to faulty footwear. Like all musculoskeletal conditions, it is essential to gain an accurate diagnosis and appropriately tailored treatment plan, which will usually include physiotherapy treatment. This ensures a timely recovery and reduces the likelihood of problems in the future.

The majority of those affected by Achilles tendon pain are aged between 35-55 years with men outnumbering women. Most people will describe well localised pain to the middle of their Achilles tendon, or less frequently at the heel bone where their tendon merges. Classically, individuals have had pain for an extended period of time hoping that it may resolve without intervention or they report episodes of pain coming and going without apparent warning.

Many of those we see at KneeCare have had several forms of advice or treatment but without resolution of their symptoms. A clear diagnosis is vital given that the subtle variations of this condition are treated differently. Some tendons require unloading and careful pain monitoring while others can be loaded more heavily in order to gain pain relief. Addressing factors that contributed to the condition in the first place is also important in order to prevent the condition recurring down the track.

Looking for a doctor who specialises in knee pain? At KneeCare we have actively engaged in researching the best way of rehabilitating your Achilles tendon condition. We have the experience, expertise and facilities to help you recover from this often frustrating and debilitating condition.

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