Geoff Potts - Doctorate Research (CURRENT)

Geoff is currently working on his doctorate which is focused on improving the clinical service customers with lower limb conditions receive, and providing a specialization pathway for clinicians to ensure standards and care are world first.


Geoff will soon be looking for participants who have a torn ACL and will be having surgery to repair this. The goal is to improve the outcomes for them and their rehabilitation.

To qualify for the study, you will need to have an ACL rupture, confirmed by MRI and Specialist, and have a 6 week block before your surgery.

You will also need to have an open ACC Claim and be between 18 and 50 years old.

This study will see clients being tested on the Isokinetic Dynamometer (BIODEX). The Biodex tests the strength of musculature around the hip and knee. The physio's at KneeCare currently use the Biodex for this testing and for concentric and eccentric training sessions.


Geoff will be starting his study shortly. Keep an eye out for more information, ask your Surgeon or contact us on to keep updated.